Saturday, 24 December 2011



Just a quick thank you for comments and such and for supporting what I do!

I hope everyone has a good Christmas, and a happy new year!

I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning some very exciting shoots for next year so hopefully everything will come together and I'll have some new images shortly! For now I'll leave you with a picture I took a few weeks ago in Arnos Vale cemetery!

Chloe !

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Xmas Blogger Party

I was invited by the lovely Gina @ MyStreetChic to take some photos at the first, but hopefully not last, Xmas blogger meet, sponsored by It took place on Friday at Java on Park Street, which was a lovely venue! The disco room was AMAZING and the ceiling was out of this world, although it didn't give the best light for photos :( But I persevered and got some good enough shots of the event!

The actual evening started at 7, guests were given a goodie bag filled with lovely treats ( I got one too!) and a free drink on arrival and had an hour to mingle and say hello before the fashion show started. I took this opportunity to photograph some of the lovely people there:

Kim (who had amazing DIY shorts!)

After that everyone made there way into the other room to watch the fashion show that was kindly put on by The models were smiling as were the guests and it was wonderful to photograph so many happy faces! I was having a bit of a tough time with the lighting, I desperately need better flash equipment (hopefully I win the lottery soon!) But like I said I tried my best and as it was my first time photographing an event of this nature I'm pleased with the outcomes!

I had an awesome time and spoke to some really lovely people, I would definitely love to go to another event, and hopefully get to talk to some more people. I've only had this blog for a couple of weeks but it was nice to meet some more bloggers! 

It also helped me gain more confidence speaking to new groups of people and asking to take their photo, and hopefully next time I photograph something like this I'll have updated my equipment better to suit this kind of environment.

I hope you all had fun too, and thanks again to Gina for organising a wonderful event!

Chloe !

P.S Lots more photos added on my Facebook page! Please feel free to 'like' it and share with your friends :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Today was the first deadline for the professional practice module, we had to make a website, write an artist CV and do a group presentation amongst many other things, finally handed that all in today, such a RELIEF to not have to worry about it anymore! Only got the photographic project with discourse (or 99 to you and me!) to hand in on Thursday and I am officially done with uni for the year! (yay!)
We have to produce a final piece for our project so I decided to get my pictures printed in a little book as I think it's very personal and has a strong nostalgic feel to it. I also got the three pictures in my other post printed and framed, I'll post a photo of them soon!

This is my book which arrived this morning, I love it!

Chloe !

*side note, if you're interested in buying any of my prints framed/unframed let me know and I'll work a reasonable price out

Thursday, 8 December 2011


I've decided to put all the images from my project into a book so when it arrives (which I so hope is before the 15th!) I'll take some snaps and put them on here!

But I'm also going to get these printed to go on the wall :

Let me know what you think!
Chloe !

Monday, 5 December 2011


I hate the weather... I planned to go out Sunday and take some final images for my 99 project, however as soon as I was stood in front of the first van the heavens opened and the rain poured... now I know I shouldn't let that get in the way and I should be persistent... but this is the third time it's happened on this project and with ice cream vans and nostalgia being my theme I kinda need the sun on my side. But bleh ohwell :(
Now I have to finish of my essay and my presentation, write an artist CV, analyse it and many other things!
Chloe !

Friday, 2 December 2011


So I had a tutorial with one of my tutors yesterday and he asked me what direction I wanted to go with photography, and I replied fashion and told him who I admired (Tim Walker, Nick Knight, Rankin etc) and I then said "but I haven't actually done any fashion based work since being on the course (for a year and a half)" And he was like :| DO IT! (in a nice way!) Which was a big reality check! I've been planning my own stuff on the side, which I'll blog about soon, but I just need to get my bum in gear! The project next term outlines that we have to use another medium as well as photography- ie: Screen printing, set design, prop making, sewing etc.. So that kinda allows me the freedom to make some awesome props and costume and do some awesome fashion stuff! I'm going to spend the whole of the Christmas holidays just planning shoots so as soon as we start back and get the brief I can book the studio literally once a week and do lots of shoots and make tonnes of props and start building a fashion portfolio and do what I want to do!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Beginning...

I already have what feels like a million online blogs, but hey I like social networking so I'm joining blogspot (again) and this time I PROMISE to keep it up to date and post at least once a week! Because who knows at some point in the next few years I might get a little more recognition and people might want to learn from me which would be very cool! So I'll start documenting what I'm up to properly in the hope that it will actually happen!

Chloe x