Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Collab 01 - Home

The Photography community is an awesome thing. I've met so many inspiring people that I can call friends! I recently posted in a Facebook group how I was feeling un-inspired and a bunch of people commented with different suggestions. I found Jasmine through that post and we decided as we lived a little too far to meet and collab we should pick a theme each week and both fulfil a brief. Lucie (who actually lives super near me and we met on a shoot she organised) wanted to take part so over the weeks we're all going to pick themes and post our interpretations on our blogs.

The first theme was 'home' and we wanted to include self portraiture. Below is my interpretation.
To me home is my room, somewhere I can be myself, by myself. I can be super silly, but i can also take time out. I suffer with depression and anxiety, so my moods can often be pretty up and down. I'm the best i've been in a long time though, more good days than bad! But I wanted to reflect those changing moods, so I opted for a 'photobooth' style photo.

You can check out Jasmine & Lucies over on there blogs:
Lucie: h